Refunds Policy

Due to the nature of our business and the laws governing fresh food, we are unable to accept returns. Should you have a problem with your delivery you will need to contact one of our friendly home delivery team who can help you with your concerns. They can be reached on 07593449875 / 07593449654 or email

If you are unhappy with the specifications of an item you have received, please take images of the product and include these in an email to us. We can use these to investigate the issue thoroughly with the relevant supplier.

If for exceptional circumstances a refund is authorised the refund will be made onto either the credit / debit card the order was placed on or a credit will be processed onto the credit account if one exists with us. No cash refund will be made.

If a product ordered is not available on day of dispatch, you will receive a replacement of a like to like product. You will be contacted by phone or an email within 24 hours prior to the order delivery with notification of the replacement product. You will have until 8.00pm that day to respond and confirm the replacement or request a refund. If we do not hear back by 1.00pm, the replacement product will be dispatched and any further order amendment requests cannot be made.

Cancellations or amendments to orders can be made but cannot be accepted if requested within the 24 hours prior to your delivery.