Frequently Asked Questions

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  • We are continually working on our packaging at and all other elements of our carbon footprint. In all other areas as well, we are making large strides to improve our carbon footprint. We are using solar power for electricity and biomass for hot water.

  • Our cattle are all grass fed and allowed to roam the 1000 acres of grassland of the Corries Family Farm during the spring, summer and autumn months. 

  • We use local courier company, Chilled Home Delivery Service who deliver our products in a safe and professional manner. They can deliver anywhere in Northern Ireland for your convenience, even to your holiday accommodation!

  • We advise that you store your meat in the fridge for 2-3 days at 4°C degrees  or below. If you are not intending to use it in the first few days, we would highly recommend that you would freeze the product as soon as possible. Also, always store raw meat and poultry on bottom shelf of your fridge, preferably in a sealed container. Make sure that you keep raw and cooked meats separate and food that is ready to eat is best kept on the top shelf of your fridge.

  • Our shops have unique opening hours. To find these, head on over to the Our Shops page for a bit more information. Our online business is open 24/7